Styling Tip 101: 5 stylish baseball cap outfits we think you should try

Styling Tip 101: 5 stylish baseball cap outfits we think you should try

New Delhi, March 23, 2022

In the world, a few menswear accessories have the power to split down the haters and the fans right down the middle. And baseball caps for men are one of them. In 1860, they first appeared on the heads of the Brooklyn Excelsiors.

These baseball caps come with both legions of admirers and garner praise for their good looks and practicality. At the same time, an equal number of people feel it's childish and tacky.

Right now, these sporty caps are given a new lease to life, thanks to several factors but not limited to the athleisure trend. The result of that, this brimmed wonder is massively accepted worldwide.

If you know how to style it in the right way, it can help you take your accessory game up a notch. But how? Here, we will show you five stylish baseball cap outfits you should try out.

5 modern ways to wear baseball caps in style

Styling a baseball cap will seem like a daunting prospect if you are not a regular hat wearer. Check out five modern ways to wear a baseball cap, one of menswear's most understood accessories.

1. Smart Casual

It is no longer unthinkable to pull off your baseball cap as a part of a smart-casual outfit. It will give you some careful thoughts about the style and material of your headwear. Make sure to opt for something with a bit of texture and steer clear of logos.

You can choose suede if you are thinking of it as timeless. Or, if you need something more trend-driven, go for corduroy. Make sure to stick with subtle colours like black, navy and grey to keep things refined.

You can go for an Oxford button-down, lightweight jacket, wool overshirt, or sports coat for the upper half body. Complete your outfit with tailored trousers or chinos and a pair of suede desert boots.

2. Everyday

A baseball cap will shine with your everyday outfits. So we can call it an ultimate casual accessory that injects a little colour or texture into a pedestrian outfit. If we talk about headwear, the ball is in your court.

It will be a great idea to steer clear of anything too brash and bold. You can think of adding a plain white tee, selvedge denim and canvas trainers to keep the rest of your look pared back. But if you are looking to keep things on-trend, you have to opt for a low profile dad cap.

Or you can also throw on a flannel shirt or lightweight jacket over the top for an everyday casual look.

3. Streetwear

These days, streetwear is such an ambiguous word. When we look at its purest sense, a baseball cap is still one of its cornerstone accessories. To get a streetwear style, you can pair it with statement hoodies or a bomber jacket.

You can go for the cargos with camouflage prints to get extra street points. Then opt for wide-leg chinos or cargo pants for your legs. Talking about footwear, the choice of sneakers will be the best bet.

4. Minimalist

A stripped-back aesthetic is still alive and well, cemented its status as a timeless classic. You can incorporate a baseball cap into this style to look fittingly simple. Make sure to go for neutral, earthy and pastel colours.

A dad cap will be a suitable style you can choose. You can use plain, block colours on your upper half. You can go for dark or black chinos below half and tie things together with some sleek leather sneakers for more details.

5. Athleisure

Due to the perfect blend of style and function, athleisure has become a pillar of contemporary dressing. It offers the modern gentleman and smart looks yet comfortable at the same time by fusing performance fabrics and athletic silhouettes.

Mixing elegant and low casual pieces is the key to pulling off this aesthetic without looking your way from the gym. You can think streamlined by opting for track pants and fitted sweatshirts in premium materials.

You can also go for sporty smart-casual staples such as Flying Machine button-down shirts, knitted polos and varsity jackets.

Wrapping up

So here are five stylish yet comfortable baseball cap outfit ideas you must try out. When choosing the perfect outfit, you can opt for a traditional baseball design and use it to balance a slightly brighter getup. So have you already adopted any outfit shown in the article? If yes, feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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