Incredibly Gay India

Incredibly Gay India

Dubai, December 12, 2013

We are an incredible country. India. One man can technically and legally send 80 million people to prison for being criminals.
Here is a nation with the highest rate of slavery, child labour, poverty, despair and acts of hostility towards women. Even little girls are not spared. We are corrupt, venal and a huge swathe of our legislature has criminal records.
We cheat, we lie, we have made graft an art and a science.
And we actually have the energy and the time and the desire to interfere between the relationship of two people, however intimate, in the privacy of their own homes. And make it an issue. It is not even worth discussing. Privacy is the cornerstone of of the Constitution.
Why not just call in the Gestapo and get it over with, bring in the brownshirts and the moral cops and let’s save our libido for cowardly attacks on the weak, let’s prey on the defenseless and congratulate ourselves that at least we are being natural and have delivered ourselves from the real evil which is consensual sex between two adults that hurts nobody.
The lord save us from the pious. And those that pour sermons with soda-water and pretend to be the keepers of the gate.
We don’t need keepers of the gate…we need to stop the turning of a democracy into a police state.
Once our civil liberties are gone we can then yearn for what was rather than what is…zombies sans thought. Oh we cannot even yearn, we won’t have the freedom for that emotion.
Bikram Vohra has been editor of Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Bahrain Tribune, Emirates Evening Post and helped in setting up Gulf Today.
The views expressed here are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of NetIndian.

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